24hourhomepage.com — Week 14 — Public talk, Publicity on Twitter and Podcasting

Justin Higgins
4 min readJun 2, 2021

tl;dr: On the heels of my big talk and my first podcast interview
last week, this week I’m reaching out to podcasters and bloggers
about my work. I also finished my 100 ads in 100 days project and
ran an experiment on Twitter.

Me reaching out to famous entrepreneurs

# Overview

Last week—in my effort to make the best 24-hour “movie” on the internet and get better at sales and marketing along the way—I was interviewed on a podcast, ran a large Twitter marketing experiment and gave a large public talk about what I’ve learned growing 24hourhomepage. What a week!

As you know, 24hourhomepage was born from my desire to become better at communicating my work. For me, a public talk at Los Angeles’ largest developer meetup is a big step toward that goal. It was on my mind the whole week.

But first, let’s talk about the days leading up to it…

# Spontaneous podcast

By Sunday night I had a draft of my talk for Thursday but still wasn’t confident with it. It felt flat and I was determined to have it be fun before demo’ing to the organizers on Tuesday.

So I worked late into the night and eventually was paired to work with April Malone on focusmate. At the end of our session we got to talking shop and the subject of remote work came up. We geeked out about different tools and tricks and she told me of her podcast “Yes, I work from Home” which interviews people from all walks of life about their experience working from home.

Knowing that I’ve been growing 24hourhomepage from the comfort of our home office, she invited me to chat. Listen to our chat here.

If you WFH and want to share your experience, reach out to April! She’s a great host and conversationalist. 🎙

Building 24hourhomepage from the comfort of home

# Twitter experiment

Remember how I said I would create “100 ads for 100 projects”? Thought I forgot about it? Nevah!

…it just takes a while to make that many *good* ads for people.

I ended up making 148 gifs. Of those, I sent 61 to users publicly on Twitter. I tried to support a variety of artists, teams, entrepreneurs and businesses and really my only criteria for making one was:

Did I enjoy their work in some way?

If so, they got a gif!

The whole experience was great. Several entrepreneurs commented that they appreciated the gif and support my project. Some notable loves were from Stewart Brand and Jeff Atwood whose work I’ve admired for a while.

Twitter analytics for the marketing stunt

Check out my profile for how they performed.

# Participating more on Twitter

All the positive conversations generated from Wednesday’s outreach got me wanting to help out more in that network. Unfortunately, Twitter is still pretty noisy for me and I don’t want to be glued to the screen all day.

I made this helpful tool to show me all of the questions asked for the current day by the people I follow. It’s not perfect, but it’s a great way to wind down the day and being helpful. If you like it, use it!

# JS.LA talk

No spoilers, but here is an excerpt from one of my slides.

The main event! In case you missed the live event, the video won’t be available until the week of June 13th. But let me tell you…it went so well!

“…it was one of the best talks I’ve seen at this event” — guest in rambly.app

High praise to a guy who felt like he was gonna pass out after the talk!

A HUGE shout out to js.la for their continued efforts in supporting the developer community and allowing me to tell my story. 📣

# This week

This week I’m reaching out to podcasts and bloggers. I’ve aggregated 125 podcasts I think would be interested in hearing about 24hourhomepage. I’m waiting until the recorded js.la event is published to reach out to them all, but will reach out to a subset. The goal:

  • Reach out to at least 25 podcasts
  • Book 5
  • Get 10 bloggers interested in doing a story on 24hourhomepage

# How you can help

  • Question for you: what is your all time favorite animated story?

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