24hourhomepage.com — Week 1 and sales won 🏆

Justin Higgins
3 min readMar 2, 2021

tl;dr: Last week I launched 24hourhomepage and took my first steps
toward improving my sales and marketing skills. Knowing nothing
about either of those subjects, I jumped in headfirst with cold emailing and made my first sales on the product.

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# Overview:

Using google sheets and elbow grease, I made my first online sales of 24hourhomepage.com ever last week. Nice.

I prospected and emailed 293 people. 252 of them opened and a number of those led to sales. Of those who reply, many say how 24hourhomepage.com is a great piece of creative advertising (even if they don’t publish).

I figured this email outreach would be the primary driver of my 627 page visits (360 unique visitors) but most appear to have come from indiehackers.com where I’ve been making updates on my progress. 📈

Not too shabby for someone whose network writes are statistically: git push

# Cold Outreach 🥶

Don’t be afraid. If you know what you’re offering and to the best of your ability think others could benefit from it, reach out. Most people are supportive even if they don’t buy.

# Health 😴🥗🏋️

Leche waits for our regular stretch break walks. I wonder who enjoys them more?

Sleep: good.

Diet: good.

Exercise: goooood.

Long sessions sitting down are easier with regular breaks. Good for you, good for your friends. 🐶

# Discoveries of 24hourhomepage 🔍

One of the best things about growing 24hourhomepage.com is discovering new people and their products. There are so may innovators out there. Here are two who recently published ads on the site:

- TidByt — A hackable display you can control with your phone and your own code.
- FamMail — Have your favorite Instagram photos printed on high quality paper and mailed to you for $1/photo.

Can you guess what times they published? 🤔⏰

# Learnings 🧠

1. All of my sales had one thing in common: I demonstrated value and made a discounted offer.

2. Prospect in sessions. Prospecting takes tight focus. Content and products being sold are so creative it’s like you’re battling an attention-seeking meme-haired Medusa.

To qualify a prospect, consider the following:
- Did they offer their email?
- Are they selling something online?
- Does this person expect to have a web presence long in the future?

3. The more I talk about the site, the more people visit! What site? This site >>> 24hourhomepage.com <<<

# This week 👏👏👏

I’m going to tailor my message on my initial outreach. Many people find 24hourhomepage a compelling piece of creative advertising. I want more of those initial emails to be “no brainers”. Read the email, get the product. ✅

Hear more about how I’m growing 24hourhomepage, how it could help your business or ask for a discount by connecting with me anywhere here:

Email: justin@24hourhomepage.com

Twitter: @justinprojects

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/higginsjustin/

Cell: (510) 393–6888