24hourhomepage — Week 5 — More flair, more established brands

tl;dr: I started reaching out to more established brands, with larger marketing teams and a history of creative advertising. Conversations are going well. Made more sales and some mobile improvements to help with conversion there.

# Overview

# More established businesses

One thing keeps getting clearer: companies with a more creative side understand the pitch pretty quickly. They view it as a creative branding tool for their services. Something playful for their customers. A little creative flair if you will…

# Mobile improvements

# Discoveries

https://testimonial.to && https://earmilk.com
  • Testimonial — Testimonial is a seamless service for collecting customer testimonials via text or video. We just started collecting our own testimonials with it and LOVE how simple it is. Props to Damon Chen for such a cleanly built service with fast customer support. 📣
  • EARMILK — EARMILK is an online music publication based in the US & Canada with international appeal. Always fresh and clean music in those ears. 👂🎧

# Learnings

  • Shout out to focusmate user Ben W who had some great feedback about sales. Do more listening. Got it! ✅ He also got me thinking about customer post purchase customer happiness. Thanks to him, I’m explicitly sharing these updates with all customers. Thanks again, Ben!

# This week

  • I’m still creating 100 ads for 100 products and am excited to share my learnings in several weeks.

# How you can help 👏👏👏👏

Email: justin@24hourhomepage.com

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