24HourHomepage.com — Week 22 —$24.7K Giveaway, Product Hunt, Chrome Extension

Justin Higgins
3 min readJul 30, 2021


tl;dr: Last week I deployed a Chrome Extension for people to set 24HourHomepage.com as their homepage. Finalized the Product Hunt marketing assets (for this Sunday, August 1st!) and am giving away $24.7K.

# Overview 🌎

Last week, In my effort to make the Internet’s best 24-hour “movie” and get better at sales & marketing along the way — I shipped a simple Browser Extension which sets your browser homepage and new tab location to 24HourHomepage.com. A prospective customer a few weeks ago was interested in “homepage set” metrics and while that’s impossible to track this gets a little closer to that.

I finalized the assets for the Product Hunt launch this Sunday August 1st and in preparation for that, launched the affiliate sales program. 🚀

# Chrome Extension 💻

Developer time! I’ve never written a Chrome Extension before, but they aren’t that complicated. A manifest.json is required and captures lots of intent of the package: what’s it called, version number, user permissions it needs, icons it uses, scripts it runs. All well encapsulated and easy to understand.

For our purposes, the extension does two things:

  • Sets the browser homepage to https://24HourHomepage.com (via the chrome_settings_override property
  • Replaces the new tab location with https://24HourHomepage.com if and only if that location was the chrome://newtab state. Any other new tab condition (eg: explicitly clicking a link that opens a new tab) does not get overwritten.

You can check out the source code herehttps://github.com/higgins/24hourhomepage-extension

You can use the extension here:


# Product Hunt Launch 🚀 — August 1st, 2021

This Sunday, August 1st 24HourHomepage will be live on ProductHunt.com!

If you’re not familiar, Product Hunt is a popular website where products compete for “best product of the day” based on upvotes from users. It’s a great, active community of makers, tinkerers and web enthusiasts.

Here is the launch link, but note that you won’t be able to vote/comment until Sunday! ✅

# Giving away $24,705 💸

I want to put my best foot forward with the PH launch and that means incentivize as many people to share 24HourHomepage.com as I can.

So anyone who refers a customer to the site will get 90% commission.

EG: Customer buys 10 seconds at $10/s, you get $90.

I’m running this experiment until 1 hour of the day is sold. Right now, there are 2,745 left before that mark. That means I’m giving away $24,705…let that sink in.

You can sign up here!


# This week 🗓

All hands on deck for this Sunday’s Product Hunt launch and aiding the current affiliates with their success.

# How you can help 👏👏👏

Question for you: What is your current browser homepage?

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