24hourhomepage.com — Week 2 —100 ads for you

# Overview:

Every 👏 day 👏 is 👏 a 👏 good 👏 day.

# Discoveries of 24hourhomepage

Hamodom Thoughts, Hatchling, Projekt19, Lazy Jar ads on 24hourhomepage
  • Hatchling — Justine has created a habit tracker for artists. Consistency -> perfection. 🎨
  • Projekt19 — Chad Mueller is creating 19 projects in under 2 years. Ask him “why 19”? 💻
  • Lazy Jar — Justin created LazyJar to get you fit. The best part, you only pay if you DON’T meet your goal. 🏋️

# Learnings

  1. People appreciate the attention you put on your initial message.
  2. People also appreciate when you end the cold email after a few
    pings and no reply.

# Quote of the week

# This week

- I’m offering to create 100 ads for people and products. You’ll
get a pretty decent gif advertising your product or service. No
hard feelings if you don’t want to post it to 24hourhomepage.com. Enjoy the shiny gif!

# How you can help 👏👏👏👏

- Clap a bunch and share this article
- Share 24hourhomepage.com in any of your socially distanced social circles
- If you know a business that wants a creative ad, let me know!



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